Letting Go of Past Relationships


Sometimes we do and say the right things but at the end of the day the relationship fails. It is also possible that you invested a lot of time, effort and your heart in the relationship too. Walking away from it can be a very trying emotional experience which may leave a scar and take time to heal. He or she probably was your first love and your soul mate, the time has to come when you let go and move with your life.

It is important that you do not rush into another relationship immediately after the break up, you would need time to reflect and heal those deep wounds that were created. The lessons from the last relationship must be learnt otherwise you are bound to make the same mistakes again.

There are many that have been so hurt and feel they cannot let go or love again. These wounds that are bone deep can take a long time to heal, but by the grace and love of God you can heal and learn to love again.


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