My Spouse, My Friend


The ideal situation is for a spouse to confidently say ‘ I married my best friend’ or at least ‘I married my friend’. When the chips are down, you’ll need a friend to stand by you, to confide in and comfort you. Love is important in dating and marriage, but it is very important that you marry your friend.Among other factors to take into consideration when choosing a spouse, ‘friendship’ should rank high on the list. It is nice to date a beautiful lady, an educated gentleman or a devout christian but is your date your friend? Who is a friend? A friend as defined by the Chambers Dictionary is a close or intimate acquaintance, a favourer, a person loving or attached to another. In addition  to the above, a friend should also be a person that believes in you.

Does the person you are dating believe in you? If you are engaged, does your fiancé or fiancée believe in you? and if you are married does your spouse believe in you? When the initial euphoria and honeymoon is over, you’ll need a friend. Life would throw punches which at times may be below the belt, and then you’ll need a friend. When you need encouragement and others seem to discourage you, you’ll need a friend. When things don’t seem to work right and you are in-between your faith and manifestation, you’ll need a friend to hold up your hands like Aaron and Hur.

James 2:23- Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. And he was called the friend of God.

If you intend to date, consider establishing a strong and healthy friendship first, that is if you intend to take in to the next level, otherwise you have no business dating. If you’re engaged, invest in your friendship and if you’re married invest your life in making your spouse your best friend.


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