A Candid Look at Breaking Up


Breaking up a relationship because you found someone else more attractive isn’t the right thing to do. There would always be someone more beautiful or handsome than you date. If you think otherwise, would it mean that you would always break up and hook up with the next handsome or beautiful person? Every relationship should be judged on its own merits based on preset criteria.

It’s important you know and understand what you want in a relationship, listing them down and reviewing them periodically wouldn’t be a bad idea. If after a considerable amount of time things do not turn out as you expected based on your expectation then you could discuss and dissolve the relationship amicably.

Your relationships shouldn’t overlap, there should be clean distinction between successive relationships. Double dating is a NO NO! It would be wickedness to be in a relationship and be dating someone else. If things aren’t working out and you want to call it quits, be bold enough to approach the other party and resolve things amicably. How it’s done and said would determine how you would relate with one another after breaking up.

You should not also date as a rebound from a failed relationship. Although breaking up can be emotionally distressing especially if you have invested a lot of time and effort to making it work, it doesn’t justify you rushing into another love relationship immediately after, for the sake of comfort and respite. Situations like this emphasises the need to date only when there is a high probability that the relationship would work out. Your biological clock, peer pressure or the urgent urge to merge should not dictate the pace of the relationship or the speed at which you dive into one. If you rush in, it’s almost certain you’ll rush out.

Would you feel important if someone breaks up his or her relationship just because of you or would you be suspicious of the person’s intentions? There are those that would relish that feeling but the truth is that after a while you would be the one losing him or her to the next victim. Besides would you have peace of mind? Wouldn’t you be suspicious of his or her every move? Definitely the thought would be behind you mind. If he or she can break up to hook up with you, what guarantee do you have that it would not happen to you? It would be difficult to develop any form of trust. Without trust, it is almost impossible for any relationship to stand the test of time. You would always reap the harvest of whatever is sown.

There are those that have the view that every man or woman if up for grabs whether they are married engaged or committed to a relationship. How sad this is! These are very selfish and low thoughts which shouldn’t be named amongst those that profess the Christ. Attitudes like this are breeding grounds for strife, jealously, fornication and adultery just to name a few. If you think this way, you need to renew your mind and have the mind of Christ. Godliness with contentment is great gain.

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