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Dating is regarded as a series of engagements to go out socially with another person most often out of romantic interest. Do you know any one dating at the moment? Probably this definition would bring a few people you know into focus. Ideally people who are of age, mature and seeking a lasting relationship that would eventually lead to marriage, start the process by dating a spouse material. But what do we have in our society today? The whole shebang! Anyone and everyone seem to be dating regardless of age and maturity. From the world’s point of view, dating is just a prelude to sex, heart breaks, depression and more sex.

A fool in this context is defined as:

1 . A person who either lacks knowledge, sense or judgment or is ignorant of the emotional effects of dating and the possible outcomes if not handled properly.

It is necessary for a man and a woman to date before going into any serious relationship. However, you shouldn’t just date every Tom, Dick and Harry, neither should Jane, Juliet and Janet follow you all the time. That is if your intentions are noble. There should be a list of criteria your intended date should have met before you agree to be romantically involved.

It is very common to be carried away emotionally when dating and lose common sense. There must be set boundaries otherwise heart breaks and undesired outcomes would be inevitable. Men are from Mars and women from Venus. It is necessary to know these differences and how to approach and relate with your date. The amount of time and effort you invest in the date would be a sure indication of your ignorance or an indication of the value you place on your date.

2. An immature individual who cannot resist the temptation to date.

Quite a number of adolescents and teenagers date because of peer pressure, low self esteem, or inferiority complex. To gain approval from peers, to boost self image and to be seen as confident young adults indulging in acts they ought not to.

Teenagers can have group outings to socialise and be teenagers but they do not have to date and go out in pairs. This would be recipe for emotional disasters and heart breaks. You wonder why there is a high rate of teenage pregnancy. Dating should be for the mature preparing for marriage.

3. A person, who has been tricked, deceived or led on to believe that true love existed in the relationship

How often do you see naive individuals dating? I suppose there is a greater probability that there would be a bit of naivety on first dates. A bit of fidgeting, spilling of drinks or perhaps improper etiquette would occur. Ideally parents should prepare their children for this stage of life by educating them. It depends on the type of family you come from. It may be a taboo to discuss issues relating to dating and sex or the parents may not know any better.

The crux of the matter is that you shouldn’t be naive when dating. Learn to discern and avoid being led on. Know where to draw the line and when a relationship isn’t right for you. You may want to read "7 Essential Dating Tips That Work". People shouldn’t just date for the fun of it. Dating should be purposeful with a noble objective. Going in and out of relationships at will, would have emotional effects and would give a wrong impression about marriage.

If you have no intention for a serious relationship you have not business dating. You shouldn’t lead anyone on for selfish reasons or allow yourself to be led on. Wisdom is the principal thing, so in all you getting get understanding.

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