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Not again! You’ve just broken up from another horrible relationship that left you bruised and battered. You  can’t seem to get a grip of your emotions anymore. The guy you trusted and believed in turned out to be a ferocious beast with the ultimate desire to get under your skirts. Now things are clearer and the warnings you ignored from friends begin to taunt you. Perhaps you should have been more open to listen to friends and siblings. But how could you, you were in love. He swept you off you feet with his charms and sweet talk. He was the shoulder to lean on after your previous boyfriend jilted you. He listened to every word you spoke and always said the right words. He wasn’t anything like the last two relationships you’ve had. But why does it keep happening to me. I thought that was the last time.

This is a common scenario young women face in our society today. There are ravaging wolves whose main aim it to get into the pants of as many unsuspecting ladies as possible. They do not mind investing their time and resources to achieve their objectives. After all, the prize is worth every effort. They can be transformed overnight to a pious Christian, learn the right jargons and easily pass for the person they want you to believe they are. For a guy having sex is an act and every hit a conquest. For a woman it involves her emotions and mind hence the deep scars that are created when a woman feels she has been used.

Men like this leave their victims emotionally damaged and sometimes hardened. The ladies begin to create  impressions about men and become aggressive. It is common place to find them vowing to break the hearts of unsuspecting men as well. While a few learn from their mistakes, others end up repeating the same mistakes believing it would not happen to them again. Well insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting  different result. Does this saying sound familiar?

If you find yourself in this position, brace yourself up. Don’t give up. There are virtuous men out there seeking for a decent and godly relationship, that’s if it’s your heart’s desire to have one. You need to be true to yourself and know what you want. Only a fool builds a house without counting the cost.

When you decide to date again, you should:

Choose your date wisely

The more time you take to choose your date, the less likely that he would be a bum. Do some fact finding about any prospects, you need to get as much information as you can lay hands on. He didn’t just fall from the moon he came from somewhere. It is advisable to be friends  first and perhaps date in groups when there are no strings attached, observe and make sound judgments.

Involve matured couples, friends to mentor you

Seek the advice of mature and decent Christians to mentor you and give advice. They have been where you are and would provide good counsel based on the bible. In the multitude of counsel there is safely. Listen to your friends and siblings they can see things more clearly than you can. Introduce him to them and make him realise that you have people that would be watching out for you. Besides, if things do not work out well, they would be the ones to pick you up.

Evaluate your relationship periodically

When you do start dating, do not assume the relationship to be deeper than it currently is. The dating period should give you an opportunity to discover who he really is and if you have things in common. You may want to read "7 Essential Dating Tips That Work".

Talk about sex and boundaries in dating

When you feel things are heating up and the relationship is moving on well, you should find the right time to talk about sex and sexual purity in the relationship. Make clear boundaries, you don’t want to another repeat of your past experiences.

Flee situations

From previous experience, seat back and evaluate you sex drive and find out what makes you heat up. That way you can avoid situations that would cause you to be defenceless. If any situation is too hot to handle head for the door. That would be the wrong time to start speaking in tongues and binding the devil.

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