How Do You Know He or She is the Right One?


It is always interesting to comment about relationships, how this or that other relationship failed or worked. Look at the Hollywood relationships or celebrities, they seem to be the shortest ever, we would expected them to be the best because of the money and fame they carry. Having talked about that, it will be safe to also look at those at the other end of the scale, the poor people and their relationships. These tend to vary for some reason and the majority are the longest ever known relationships.

This can is some ways answer the question on how to assess good and bad risks in the relationship market. All factors considered, I would gladly say that there are 3 major areas that one would need to look at before coming to any conclusions.

The first being You. Lets be honest, a good investment is only as good as the one who manages it. You can acquire the biggest company in the world and no sooner after you acquire it, it records the biggest fall ever recorded in the market simply because you are not cut for such a business. You need to ask yourself why you want the relationship, your own reason for entering into the relationship have to be well known. Imagine buying something and having no use for it, you will have simply wasted money. A relationship is an investment, not in yourself but in the other, if you are not a a good investor you will not be able to get a good return out of the relationship.

The second thing would have to be What you are looking for? I personally do not believe that there is a perfect person for anyone. However, there is a suitable person for everyone and one has to have a criteria for the person they want to invest in. By this I mean you have to look at the passions, dreams, goals, ambitions etc. of that person and see if you can carry them and fulfil them. As I said before, a relationship is an investment. Women reciprocate, give them groceries they will give you a meal, give them grief they will give you hell, give her love and attention and she will be the best lover, wife and friend you can ever ask for.

I know the question is on how you can assess if it is a good investment? But truly speaking, you are also an investment so you have to be either a good or bad investment yourself. To build a good house, get the foundation right and good, to get a good investment you have to know the market or at least have an idea of what the market offers so that you can invest in that good area. The key is to be a good investor so that you can assess the risks on offer.

The third most important thing is what do you have to offer? Have you ever heard of the term GIGO? (Garbage in Garbage Out) if you give the one you are looking for rubbish, they will feed the same back to you. When you look at the adverts on the TV, everyone is trying to sell you the same product just branded differently as the best thing on the market, you have that choice to make depending on who you think has the best item. I believe that some people go out window shopping before they buy any products, the reason being they want to know who give the best deal. Well, if you want to invest in the market what do you have to offer, what are you all about?

When you know yourself, what you want and what you have to offer, anything that does not line up with this is a bad investment.

The saying goes ” Bad friend corrupt good morals”, have you ever asked the question “what are good morals”? In a nut shell, you should not compromise you in order to get something, once you do that, it is a bad investment. They will come a time when you cannot put up with it and you will have to ditch it. Once a relationship is outside your principles, do not go into it, if it causes you to compromise your principles or you morals then it are not a good investment.

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