When is the Right Time to Divorce – Part 1


The times we spent together were wonderful and heavenly, I looked forward to being with him each passing day just to stare into his beautiful eyes, his smiles send shivers down my spine.

A few months went by and then it happened! I literally froze when he went down on his knees and popped the question, while we were out on a date, my life long dream finally came true. I was ecstatic and overjoyed as I said yes with tears rolling down my cheek.

We began spending more time together on dates and planning for our wedding, it was a sprint. We talked and exchanged ideas with the occasional disagreement which we resolved. Oh what heavenly moments we had, no mortal could have written this script of our lives, it must have come from heaven. It was perfection defined.

Our much awaited day came, we exchanged vows and looked forward to our honeymoon. Soon after, life together began and the reality of marriage started to take its toll as the marathon began.

We now seem not to have time for each other anymore, he’s always busy doing something else or hanging out with the boys. Perhaps I was no longer attractive carrying the third bump in 5 years around the house. Arguments and accusations are now the other of the day, if only I could have some help around the house.

What a great relief having my mum around to help, her words of encouragement were timely and soothing over what seems like a decade. Now I understand the challenges she had to cope with, what did I know then growing up as a teenager raised by a single mum. Should I also endure the same now that I’m seeing the tell tale signs in my own marriage, should I call it quits now and move on rather than wait another year hoping things would change.

I summoned courage the other day to share my deepest thoughts with Susy, my long time friend. Hang in there, she kept saying, your children deserve a stable and happy home with both parents arounds. “Besides, how will you cope on your own, a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush and the grass is always greener on the other side” were her exacts words. But when is the right time for divorce I keep asking myself, how I wish an answer could come.


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