Speak to the king not the fool


One of the powerful statement I’ve heard that has come to make a lot of sense is that “In every man is a king and a fool, whichever one you speak to will respond”. When you speak to the man in your life, whether your husband, father, brother, cousin or uncle, are you speaking to the king in him or the fool, what kind of response did you get the last time you had a conversation or made a request, was it what you expected?

The words of the bishop TD Jakes in HEMOTIONS are revealing particularly messages about men, how we function, our needs, strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Looking back and taking stock of utterances and responses I’ve made in conversations and requests have been in line with that revelation. A similar statement by Mike Murdoch in his wisdom keys says

no man wants to pursue a place of pain

The next time you are about to respond, pause, think and ask yourself if it is the king responding or the fool. In like manner for the women in the lives of men, when you speak to him, who do you want to respond, the king or the fool? Remember that a queen can speak to a king, so be a queen.


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