United State 2016 Presidential Election – The Trump Factor


Donald Donald Donald Trump! Prior to the United States of America’s 2016 presidential election, the name Donald Trump for decades was synonymous to wealth, success, business acumen, celebrity, showman and global real estate mogul. Come the campaign trail, the unseen and unheard Donald Trump began to unravel. Against all odds, plots, internal party disputes and the amazement of many, Donald Trump emerged as the republican candidate contesting  against Hillary Clinton for the white house. No one could have written this script.

How did an outsider, someone not in the political establishment in America come this far? Looking at the events in the United States from the outside, the reasons why, which we refer to as the Trump Factor can be assumed to be as follows:

  • US citizens want real change. In 2008 America voted for change, it made history and elected the first African-American president. This time they want real change.
  • Fed up with the political establishments. The infighting and dead locks in the Senate between the republican and Democrats have caused Americans to lose faith, hope and confidence in the political establishment.
  • Fed up people being politically correct not able to speak their minds. Americans identify with the freedom to speak out without being constrained by politically correctness.
  • Power rotating between families. The thought of the Bush and Clinton families dominating American politics puts people off.
  • The wealthy sponsor politicians and hence dominate the less privileged by influencing policies. The belief is that a financially independent candidate will not bend to the whims or dance to the tunes of wealthy individuals or corporations as he would have no debt to repay in cash or kind.
  • Disliked and controversial candidate in Hillary Clinton. The Clinton’s have been mirred with shoddy dealings, sexual scandal and conspiracy to conceal data. Equally, they do not come with clean hands.
  • Ethnic minorities are just seen as votes, the path to the white house to tread on without actually making a difference in their lives. Successive governments haven’t made an impact in the lives of the ethnic minorities, so what is there to lose, they say.
  • Deepening racial divide. The illusion that the first Africsn-American president of the United States of American would heal racial divides has since evaporated with the increase in black deaths at the hands of white cops.
  • Increase terror threat. Politically incorrect as it may be, Americans believe drastic steps needs to be taken to address the security risks of terrorists coming into the country.
  • 2nd amendment rights to bear arms. Despite the increasing reports of mass shootings in the US, Americans are unwilling to give up their right to bear arms.

In the course of his campaign, Donald Trump made controversial statements and in the process offended people particularly women. The video and audio released of him making lewd statements didn’t help matters either. But when faced with the dilemma of choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, what do you do? Do you vote for Donald, the devil you know or Hillary the devil you don’t know or abstain from voting entirely.

What this presidential elections has revealed is the filt in politics, double standards, media bias, hypocrisy of politicians and the deep gender divides in America depicted by:

  • Plots and events behind closed doors in politics. The internal plots in both the Republican and Democratic parties to rig who eventually becomes their respective party nominee comes to mind.
  • Hypocritical stance in the sense that:
    • In the 2008 campaign the Obama campaign spoke negatively against Hillary Clinton and now with the same tongue are saying otherwise. Speaking against the lewd statements of Trump yet in support of Clinton despite the sexual scandal committed in office. This suggests a political agenda to fish out dirt and not necessarily concerned about the statements or the well being of women. The litmus test would be what happens after the election, whether more help and involvements would be seen to support the ploghts of women by those with the loudest voices.
    • In as much as the 10-year old  tape released of Donald Trump wasn’t pleasant, can any of the politicians speaking against it say for certain that they haven’t done worse? If everything that politicians have said and done in private is released today would Donald Trump comparatively  not be a saint?
    • Hypocritical about taxes. If the laws need changing, change them and not cry out when behind the scenes you or yoir party has benefit directly or indirectly from tax savings. As a shrewd business man, you have to take advantage of all means to legally run your business efficiently with the least overhead. Who on earth likes paying taxes?
    • Donald Trump has made contributions to both the republican and democratic parties, crying foul play for legally not paying taxes at this election doesn’t cut it.
  • Rather than focus on policies that would change the lives of America, the media and politicians would rather dwell on juicy issues to stir up public outcry and divisions. The political debate has become a show rather than achieve the intellectual objectives of the debates.
  • Hillary Clinton didn’t cover herself in glory either, her actions the quest to hide emails and the leaked emails peaks volumes about what she is capable of doing.

Titus 2:2 – Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance

Donald Temple has done and performed incredibly well to get this far in the US presidential campaign. Controversial as it may seem, he has reached out to a significant number of Americans which speaks volumes about the hidden division in the country and how out-of-touch the political establishement has become. A similar divide csn be seeen in the recently concluded leadwrship election for thr UK laboir party thst saw the reelectuon of Jeremy Colbyn as its leadwr.

The determination of Donald Trump can be seen positively as a statement that you can achieve whatever you set to do if you believe in yourself regardless of whatever anyone says about you. However, the bottom line of the Trump Factor is that hard work and diligence would take you to the top but character is what will keep you there.

For avoidance of doubts and for clarity, sex crimes are deplorable, wicked and evil and should be condemned. However, it shouldn’t be used politically to score points or to swing votes. Doing so only further devalues women and diminishes the gravity of the offense. Let the judicial system handle it, that’s what the courts are there for. Politicians should keep off and focus on addressing the country’s issues, formulating good policies and reaching out to disenfranchised citizens.

As you put in your shifts and work hard to maximise your potential, invest more time building and developing your character.


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