What Do You See When You Look?


To the ordinary, he was just another man with incredibly great strength which no one could fathom. To the hopeful, he was revered and his strength earned him a place as a judge to rule over his people. His judgement however became questionable when he saw what he wanted, wanted what he saw, got what he wanted and what he wanted he saw no more. 

Do you look beyond what the eyes can see to discern the inner strengths of your mate, spouse, date, friend, foe or even yourself?. What happens when you no longer see what your eyes could see? There is always more that meets the eye. The once beautiful face now has wrinkles with airbags, rounded breasts now obey the law of gravity heading south, curves transform into trapeziums and isosceles triangles, 6-packs into into 1-pack, teeth become  stars that come out at night and the previously firm gluteus maximus need stronger and larger under pants to shore it up.

What do you see when you look at yourself, your inner strengths or outward appearance? Your physical appearance should not define you. Like the stars of the morning they will surely fade away regardless of the amount of Botox, implants, transplants or cosmetics surgeries you undergo. Your selfies with nudity on social media that once brought you fame soon fades away and brings you shame. Cleavages plateaus and muscles wane with age. When we focus on what the eyes can see, the time will come when those things will be no more. Every human has inner strengths, cultivate them so they grow and develop. When that time comes and you find yourself between a pillar and a post, draw on your inner strengths and fight the battle, pull down the strongholds and your victory will be great.

The laps of Delilah, the nakedness of Bathsheba, the breasts of Potiphar’s wife and the claws of Jezebal don’t compare to the virtue of Ruth, the faith of Hannah or the grace of Esther. Also, the throne of Pharaoh, the wealth of Herod and the voice of the morning star cannot measure up to the wisdom of Solomon, the faith of David or the prophesies of Elijah. Look beyond the physical, discern the mystical and achieve victories astronomical.


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Pele began his education in Nigeria before moving to the UK for a masters degree and subsequently a PhD in computer science. The sharp contrast in life and morals in the UK motivated him to start his blog, a website dedicated to sharing candid and virtuous views to enable individuals and families maximize their potentials in life, relationships and finances.

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