Women, Help Men Remain Faithful to You


My views are for married women and NOT single ladies complaining of infidelity in relationships when they themselves are fornicating and expecting the man to be faithful. First remove the log in your eyes before looking at the sperk in the man’s eyes.

If you are a wife and you are in the group of women that say and believe that “all men are dogs or cheats”, you can skip this post and whatever you profess and believe will come to pass.

  1. I’ll say being unfaithful in marriage is wrong, inexcusable and hurts. It destroys trust which is the foundation of any successful marriage. It takes time to rebuild and may never be 100% again. Be careful.
  2. Everyman can be tempted and fall at his point of weakness regardless of how holy or spiritual he may be, hence the bible says we should flee all appearances of evil. As men, we face temptations everyday at home, work, places of worhip etc.
  3. The upbringing, moral values and faith of the man helps him build a higher threshold to temptation and is therefore less likely to fall when tempted. When dating, these are things to look out for in a man.
  4. A man cannot chase a woman who is stationary. When dating he was chasing you when you got married he accomplished that goal and then he seeks another aventure. As a wife, don’t remain stationary in marriage, keep on moving, give him something to chase just as you were when dating. Whatever it took you to get your man is what it will take to keep your husband interested and more.
  5. A man well fed at home will not eat outside, even if he wanted to he is too full to eat. Give him peace at home, let him have something to look forward to when he is out. Be it meals, company, your looks, how you dress, the other room activities etc. If you make him uncomfortable at home and push him out hungry, you are making him weak and susceptible to temptation.
  6. Make time for him. I think this is one of the major issues in marriages. The wife is busy with house work, cleaning, washing, children etc and maybe she also works. All this are valid and important things to do, but most of the time they come at the expense of time with the husband. The wife says the husband is not helping with house work so she doesn’t give him time, the husband seeks attention and finds it on Delilah laps.
  7. Everyman has an ego and he likes it stroked from time to time. Appreciate the little he does, say it as often as possible. Let him feel important and needed in the home and in your life. Don’t take him for granted or let another woman sing his praises more than you do at home.
  8. A woman with her words well spoken can reach the heart of any man. How you talk to him is more important that what you want to say so also is the timing. Seek his views and opinions on issues especially when it concerns the children. Do NOT impose views and opinions you received from your parents or friends.
  9. Encourage and facilitate family activities, doing things together as a family unit. It could be having meals together as a family at the dinning table occasionally, going out as a family for walks, to the park, to the cinema etc. Let him see and feel the family happy together and have behind his subconscious what he will be destroying.
  10. Pray always and trust God to protect and keep him on the right path.

I am not excusing unfaithfulness but trying to point out some things wives can do to help their husbands and to shield him from the temptations he faces everyday.


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Pele began his education in Nigeria before moving to the UK for a masters degree and subsequently a PhD in computer science. The sharp contrast in life and morals in the UK motivated him to start his blog, a website dedicated to sharing candid and virtuous views to enable individuals and families maximize their potentials in life, relationships and finances.

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