7 Reasons Why I Married My Wife


Finding a wife could be a daunting task and every responsible man would seek to find a wife that would complement him. I suppose we all have our dream wife, and can list the criteria she must meet to qualify. I am grateful to God for opening my eyes to see and find my wife.

The paramount criterion was the fear of God. This is the foundation upon which other requirements are built on. I have not listed them as one of the reasons because it isn’t a reason but a foundation. Once the foundation is set, the building blocks can be assembled. About 11 years prior to meeting my wife, I had drawn up a list of things I wanted in my dream woman. It was quite an exhaustive list and I doubt if that perfect woman ever exist. Below are 7 reasons why I married my wife and why I would marry her again.

  • Kluxy4LifeKluxy4life happens to her nick name and I can understand why she could have been called that. She is full of life, happy, jovial and always with a smile. The times she isn’t with a smile are when I have hurt her and acted foolishly. She is dramatic, weird sometimes but always fun to be with.
  • Down to earthThis really made our relationship prior to marriage flourish. Neither of us went out to please anyone, we came into the relationship just as we were, no ‘forming’ or pretending to be who we were not or trying to prove any point. This is a very rare character especially from a damsel with her family background. She loves and has faith in me, what more can I ask.
  • IntelligentI taught I was a scrabble maestro but she proved me wrong. The first few games we played together made me feel like an amateur and hit my ego real bad. I set out to beat her in the game and not only that but also capture the brain box for keeps. She is very intuitive in other areas as well and she proffers valid and good suggestions whenever I am wise enough to listen to her opinions.
  • Adores her dadShe absolutely adores her dad which gives me the confidence that she would adore me also. In marriage, the wife changes fathers from her natural dad to her husband hence the giving away of the bride and the change of name. A woman’s attitude towards her father is an indication of her attitude towards her husband.
  • Excellent CookI am a strong advocate of the saying that “the route to a man’s heart is his stomach”. She loves cooking and cooks “for state”.
  • No baggageI tried considered omitting this reason but decide to include it after all it was one of the reasons I considered. By baggage I mean responsibilities. It may not apply to every culture but it is of significance to me. I come from a large family and being the first male child I do have responsibilities to my immediate and extended family. In my opinion it would have been a greater challenge to marry someone with similar responsibilities which would eventually put a strain on our finances and the marriage.
  • Absolutely BeautifulI save the best for last. You only need to look at the photos in our album to understand what I mean. Her beauty was not the first thing that attracted me to her. I did not even notice it until the scales fell of my eyes, then I wasted no time to pop the question.

Proverbs 18:22 – Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD


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