Did Your Pants Fall Off?


It doesn’t just happen, it starts with lust, then a thought before it manifests into full blown romp and ecstasy. It would be a miracle for you pants to fall off all of a sudden and you find yourself lying face up, face down or sideways, left, right and center with clothes scattered all over the place. It most probably was preconceived either consciously or in your subconscious.

All sins are outside of the body but for fornication and adultery. Our body is the temple of the living God and must be kept pure and holy. God cannot reside in an unholy place. His eyes are pure that He cannot behold iniquity. The myth that fornication / adultery just happen by chance is a fallacy. it must have its roots somewhere in the heart.  What started out as being an innocent conversation may end up in the backseat of a car. What about the text messages sent and received. The phone calls, cards and emails. The jokes and persistent attention that kept your motor running. Did you stop to ponder where that may be leading to or perhaps they were planned. This doesn’t imply that you should be a freak and suspect everything around you or anybody trying to be friendly, just be vigilant and careful about what is sown in your heart.

Let us deal with the root. The Heart! What do you think about, what fills you thoughts and how do you handle them? It can be hard to completely abstain from illicit thoughts. TV programs, adverts, bill boards, posters, pop-ups, spams, computer viruses etc don’t help matters too. But how do you deal with unholy thoughts? Do you let them fester, incubate and then bring forth sin or do you rebuke them and take them captive? Remember that it’s all a matter of the heart. How often do men see a beautiful lady and in their hearts they imagine her naked in bed, likewise women probably would take it a step further to give names to imaginary children they’ve had just by seeing or meeting a charming man. There isn’t anything wrong in admiring God’s creation, what’s wrong is taking a second look and lusting after him or her. Those are the thoughts that get incubated and develop into sexual sins.

Sexual purity is of paramount importance when single, in dating and in marriage. Marriage definitely would not cure sexual problems, it only amplifies them. If you have problems keeping you zippers up, legs closed and saying an emphatic NO, guess what? marriage would amplify your problems. The best time to learn self control is when single. You may learn the hard way in marriage or perhaps even destroy it.Think about it! Hopefully it won’t happen but if you find yourself in a compromising situation, don’t say “Oh, my God, my pants just fell off!” deal with the root, your heart.


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Pele began his education in Nigeria before moving to the UK for a masters degree and subsequently a PhD in computer science. The sharp contrast in life and morals in the UK motivated him to start his blog, a website dedicated to sharing candid and virtuous views to enable individuals and families maximize their potentials in life, relationships and finances.

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