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Last week’s post was on "How to Install WordPress", getting your website up and running is one thing, getting heard and attracting traffic to your site is another, which we would be taking about in this post.

EaseQuitGetting heard and attracting traffic to your site is an ongoing task and it requires hard work and working smart. If you are new to cyberspace, and the Internet business you might be in for a shock, it isn’t for the faint hearted but for the determined and intuitive. But the task of generating traffic can be less daunting if you know what to do, how to do it and where to find necessary information and resources. Some people are making steady income from blogging, online business, affiliate marketing and even from promoting other people’s business ideas and tips and some do not make a dime and end up giving up their ideas, dreams and aspirations.

Just as marketing is crucial to any business, attracting traffic to your website should be your major concern. There are different ways to do that, some involve investing money while others involves your time, careful planning and lots of creative ideas. In this article I would be briefly discussing one way in which you can attract traffic to your website – Article Submission.

Article submission is free, all you have to do is open an online account and voila! you are up and running. The whole idea behind submission is to get back links to your website and well as attract readers which are potential customer. Here comes the thinking part, what is it that you would write about or write on that would attract people to your website and keep them coming back time after time?

Obviously the first thought would be to write on things related to your business or the products you offer. It could be affiliates products which you are advertising, your interests, anything you are passionate about or have great interests in. For motivational speakers and the likes, you can have your talks available online on blogs. When a visitor reads your article the natural thing is to visit your site and see what else you have on offer and if you display ads on your site, you can get passive income when they click around your site. Personally, I skim though articles to get the gist as quick as possible so your articles should be original, genuine, and straight to the point and above all have a link to your website.

I have listed some sites where you can submit articles, do read their submission guidelines, they are pretty much the same anyway, maybe slight differences here and there. The more articles you submit the better. Also submitting to multiple sites would be to your advantage in generating backlinks.

This list is not in any way exhaustive, you can Google article submission and you get loads of site. I arrived at this list from research online and I thought it would be helpful to have a list somewhere where you can always find them. At least it has helped me; I don’t have to search online each time I want to submit articles to different sites. Anytime I want to submit articles to a new site, I know where to look. Subscribe to our feeds and receive instant notification of updates.

Article Submission Directories
Directory Name URL
Article World
ABC Article Directory
Afro Articles – Article Marketing Directory
Article Ardvaark
Article Blotter
Article Friendly
Article Submission
Article-Buzz – Free Article Directory
Articles Base Directory
ArticleSnatch – The Best Place to Grab Art
DirectoryGold Article Directory
Free Articles
Free Articles for Reprint
Free Ezine Articles Site
Gobala Krishnan
InfoWizards Free Content Articles
Just Articles
Site Reference
Submit Your New Article
Talkin Mince Article Directory
The Add Articles Directory
Tips Tricks Resource Portal
Web Pro News
Your Free Satellite


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