Losing Weight – Thinking of Casting Out Calories?


In hindsight, I now appreciate the physical training I once detested in military school. We rose up early everyday to the sound of the bugle as the morning reveille played. If that didn’t wake you up, the shouts of the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) would. The first hour of the day was spent road running and exercising. How could anyone be overweight? Being overweight was a physical indication that the RSM was not working hard. Even the track gurus hated the morning physical training. If it was optional I bet no one would turn up. But that was the routine.

Last month we went to the GP for a routine check, and I got a big shock after going on the scale, I knew I was putting on some pounds but I didn’t realise how much weight I had gained. My blood pressure rose dramatically because of that and I had to re-visit the hospital two weeks later to take another blood pressure.

Now I wish I had the RSM to make me commit to keeping myself physically fit. Right now I don’t think I would run a mile and not gasp for breadth. I tried a gym membership but ended up not utilising it. There is always the excuse of lack of time since I have to commit to studying, work and family. If I could answer an altar call and get the pastor to cast out calories, I would be the first on the line. But now I have resolved to challenge myself to lose some weight, be physically fit and to keep the routine going. I know it would be difficult at the beginning, even writing this article strikes a chord in my nerves.

My plan it to go on morning run everyday starting tomorrow and exercise at home for at least 30 minutes every day. I have got some gym equipments at home which would come in handy. I have heard and been told that lots of people start off well but get discouraged along the way and give up. Not very encouraging though, but I am determined to take up the challenge. Why am I posting it here? I believe that I would have what I say and telling others would keep me motivated not to give up. Confession brings possession. I’ll need all the motivation I can get to get myself back to shape, physically mentally and otherwise. Any success story, encouragement and suggestions would be well appreciated. Hope to give positive feedback next month!

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