Should Married Women Go Clubbing


One question asked which I think would interest a hand full of people is, should married women go clubbing? Though the question refers particularly to women, I think the same can be asked on married men. Is there a straight answer like Yes they can or No they shouldn’t?

Marriage is a step into a new level of living, a different dimension a union that can either spell doom or bliss depending on the level of knowledge, wisdom and support possessed. One true fact is that you cannot continue to live as a single person after marriage. That would be recipe for argument, discord and perhaps divorce. Marriage demands new sets of rule, behaviours and attitudes in every aspect of your new life together. For every action and decision taken, your spouse needs to be considered.

Back to the question about clubbing. First, what is the reason behind your desire to go clubbing? What are your intentions? Are they noble? Is your spouse comfortable with you going out clubbing? If your spouse went with you, would he/she be comfortable with your behaviour? I guess if these questions are genuinely thought true with a true heart, the answer would be quite obvious.

The thought process should apply to other decisions you may have doubts about. In marriage it’s detrimental to take unilateral decisions without taking your spouse into consideration. Sometimes compromises need to be made to achieve harmony in the marriage. Other times you just have to agree to disagree on certain issues when a stale mate is reached. Both parties should apply equal efforts to making the union work, it’s more of a symbiotic relationship rather than parasitic. Sometimes the dominating or more outspoken spouse may tend to impose his/her desires and wishes on the other, while in the short term he/she may succeed, in the long run the outcome may not be pleasing. The crux of he matter is that both parties should dialogue and reach a decision they are both happy and comfortable with.


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  1. Angel, u r correct. Most husbands don’t consider their wives when making some decisions like this. Women r more commited to their marriage than men. God bless u.

  2. We often hear about our men going out for ‘the boys’ night out’ but how often do we hear about a ‘girls’ night out’?I believe we,women stop living our personal lives that we had befor our marriage but the men continue…so I see no harm in hanging out with friends.

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