Are All Men Dogs? – Maintaining Sexual Purity in Relationships


All men are dogs, they are all only after one thing. Have you heard anyone make this statement? If you haven’t, I have heard many women make this statements or statements similar to this. Most of these women have either been in terrible marriages, sexually abused or are currently dating fools – "Fools Dating – Dating Fools". While there may be cogent reasons behind these statements, they are far from the truth. From their experiences, they have come to the conclusion that men are sexually indiscriminate and insensitive to their feelings after having had sex with them.

The truth is all men are not dogs. There are noble men, single and married alike with godly characters and intentions. If you find yourself frequently in the midst of these so called dogs, you need to step back and re-examine your life and consider the following factors:

The way you dress determines how you are addressed

You don’t throw precious pearls to pigs. If you know that your body and godly endowments are precious, why parade them cheaply by exposing your cleavage and goods. Exposing them only shows how cheap they are and that they are free for any ‘dog’ to take advantage of.

Matthew 7:6 – Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Do your clothes always have to be skin tight? An accurate silhouette of your entire figure can be identified even with clothes on. Often times it is a disgusting sight to see thongs popping out each time you bend. Do you believe the fallacy, that says if you got it flaunt it? and you wonder why the dogs are barking, who let the dogs out! There is a proverb that says flies only follow rubbish, that’s to put it nicely. If all the time fools are trying to get into your pants, then you need to check what signals you are transmitting. Only those with similar receivers would understand your transmissions and are bound to react accordingly.

There are situations when innocent and naive girls fall prey to ravaging bulls. Why? Being pious, chaste or religious doesn’t mean you neglect common sense or remain ignorant of the devises of the devil. There are wolves among sheep. It’s important you get wisdom and understanding otherwise falling into sexual temptations would be inevitable. Your ignorance can be cost you a lot! – "Speaking and Kissing in Tongues Could Cost You Your Virginity"


Humans are generally selfish and it takes the word of God and the renewing of the mind to overcome this trait. If you give a man and inch, he’ll take a mile. Lead him not into temptation. It is often said that a man’s apparatus in its full glory has no conscience, a vivid illustration of the dog like nature. You may cross the line and the only thought all after the deed is done would be “Oh my God, not again!” However, there is no justification for this to happen if you both seriously consider these "7 Essential Dating Tips That Work".


Those that behave like dogs are immature with no insights. If you hang around them or they are your close pals, what else do you expect? Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Who are the icons you look up to? If they are the scandalous celebrities we hear about and see on TV every day, then you need a sound check.

Peer pressure should not influence your morals or values. You should stand up for what you believe. How much of the word of God is in you? As a man thinks so he is. Because the world does or believes in pre-marital sex, non-marital sex, living together outside marriage, promiscuity and all the depravity that exist today doesn’t mean they are right. You do not need to compromise your position to gain approval.

The temptation is real, as long as you are flesh and blood you will face temptations. The question is how do you deal with them? Being tempted is not a sin, but failing the test is the issue. How you react in such situations depends on how much knowledge and wisdom you already have in you.

For those that still believe that men are dogs,I have one question for you. Haven’t you seen two dogs getting it on together? I’ll let you figure that out because it takes 2 to tangle.

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